Belated Easter Update

Dear Family and Friends, January-April 2019
I pray you had a wonderful time celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. We certainly did. It was a blessing to have Brother Ricky Taylor and his wife with us for our conference this year. The preaching for this week is usually aimed at the unsaved and their need for the risen Savior, but this year seemed to be especially for me and my walk as a child of God. It was a very special time.
Since my last update (in December), we have started the new school year. We are trying to get a reading program started to help out the kids that are struggling, but it is hard to get the time and material to do it right and. I know that Peter and John were unlearned men who couldn’t read or write, but the Bible tells us to do all that we find to do with all of our might, and since the children spend so much time in school, I want to help to teach them to do their best at it.
We have celebrated several birthdays so far this year, one of them was for Reyna, who turned 13 on Resurrection Sunday. The Lord provided to be able to take her and some of her friends to eat pizza and ice cream. We had a great time. Please pray for this beautiful young lady as she does not claim to be saved.P1090121 - Copy
Plans are in place to move Celia, one of my older girls, in with the teen girls on Saturday (if I don’t back out). She has been with me for about seven years and it will be hard to see her go. I would appreciate your prayers for her (and me) during this time.
For those who are praying for Samuel, we have not heard anything more about his whereabouts, but he still needs your prayers. My prayer for Samuel is that God would keep him safe spiritually as he did Samuel the prophet.
Many people in Honduras don’t have a steady income, and will plant two staple crops, beans and corn, not to sell, but to feed their own families. They can’t plant without the rain, and I can’t remember the last time we had a normal rainy season where it rains…hard every day like clockwork. This has also caused a price rise, which makes it even harder for the common people to provide for their loved ones. Please pray that the Lord will have mercy on this thirsty land and these desperate people.
Thank you all for your support, be it spiritual, emotional, or financial. I definitely have my hard days, but the Lord always reminds me that as long as I am where He wants me to be, He will provide for ALL of my needs.
God bless you all. With love from Honduras,
Maria, Christa Miller, Jacky, Edwin, Juan, Gerson, Manuel, Gledis Celia, Reyna, Ana, Yareli, Marbella, Keyla, Wendy, Sherin, Douglas, Kristhian, Arelsy, Karen, Amanda, Michel, Kimberly, and Nicol

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R ‘n’ R

School is out.  All the sixth graders passed their big test and will be graduating on Saturday, Nov 17th.

Please pray for graduation and especially for four of my girls who will be moving up to the teen girls’ dorms.  Mrs. Julia Schenck will be seeing to their care.

Lilian(first on the left), Ester(second from left), Danely(fourth from left), and Dinora(bottom right pic) will be moving out one at a time over the next few weeks.  We usually send them all at once, but this time we will be doing it a little differently, to hopefully let them each get to know Mrs. Julia and get more comfortable with her rather than depending so much on each other.

We are still waiting to see what God will do in regards to Samuel, the boy that was taken by social service in August.  We pray that he is well and know that wherever he is, The Lord is taking care of Him.  This situation is yet another reminder that our time to influence and reach other people for Christ is so short.  Please pray that we will not get too mixed up with physically caring for the kids that we don’t have time or energy to care for them spiritually.  I don’t mean that we’d stop taking them to church or not even have church, but that our everyday lives would only be about us and how to keep everyone alive.  That is what the devil wants us to do.  We want to everyday in our daily lives we teach the children to love, worship, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am currently in Florida with some of my family, enjoying a time of rest and relaxation.  My younger sister is finishing up her schooling at PCC, and invited us to attend an art show were she has some pieces on exhibit.  I am so proud of her achievement and greatly enjoyed spending some time with her as she readies herself for the next chapter in life.  I hope to see great things from her in the near future.

Before I left for the states, I took Gledis, Gerson, and Edwin to a neurologist.  Gledis, who has cerebral palsy, is having migraines, and Gerson needed a check-up for his epilepsy.  Edwin, it was discovered, also has epilepsy and is now on medication for that.  Please pray for him as the medicine seems to be making him lethargic, which has slowed his rate of intellectual progress from baby steps to a crawl.

I will be heading back to Honduras on Thursday and would appreciate all you prayers for my traveling, the graduation on Saturday, Samuel’s well-being, and the home as a whole.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Please feel free to pass this blog onto others.

God bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Christa Miller

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your concerns and prayers.

Samuel is still in social service’s care, and we have not seen him since they took him.

Since my last update, we had a large group from social service and public ministry come to further investigate if the kids were being mistreated.  We haven’t heard from them since last week, so we have no idea what to expect.

Some of the kids are wondering if they will be next.  Please pray for them during this time.

On a happier note, we were able through special donations to purchase a vehicle exclusively for me and the kids that I take care of.  Meet our Ford Escape (or you could call it “Eskimo” because of the extreme air conditioner.  We almost froze our first time out.)


Cesar drives us as I do not have a valid driver’s license.  Although I did pull it out onto the road.

Our fist trip to therapy the boys loved the car, and it was super nice to not have to be covered in dust.  We are still waiting for license plates.

We also celebrated September 15th (Independence Day) last week.  The school kids had a parade and a play (which I didn’t attend because it was the same day as therapy).


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Dear Church Friends and Family,                                                                    6-Sep-2018

Thank you all for you prayers and support during this difficult time.  Samuel was brought to the home at seven months old by his parents.  When I came to work here he was three years old, and lived with me till he was seven at which time he moved in with the older boys.  He is now eleven.

Last Friday, social service took Samuel out of school and told us that he was in the process of being adopted and that there was nothing we could do about it.  When we went to the office that same day to see what could be done, we were told by the same worker that although he was being adopted, the reason they had taken him from us was because they had received an anonymous report that he was being mistreated.  This was not mentioned when they took him and was not on the paper they gave us.

This last bit of information made it impossible to even see him, and makes it possible for them to finish the adoption process without interference on our part.  We were told that they couldn’t give us the name of the family adopting Samuel, nor could they tell us who could help us.  Upon further investigation, it turns out that not only could they tell us, but the policy is to tell us and then set a date to take the child.  Even with all of these discrepancies, there is no guarantee we will see Samuel again.  We are trusting that the Lord will work on his behalf and have his will in this situation.

Please pray for Samuel and his safe return.

Love in Christ,

Christa Miller

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The Lord is faithful

P1080665These last few months have been a blessed reminder that the Lord is and always has been very faithful to us here in Honduras.

We were finally able to get Kimberly to the eye doctor this week to get her vision checked.  I really had no idea how much glasses cost here in Honduras, but I knew I was taking her and one of the teen girls to a more pricey doctor.  I had used a cheaper doctor a few years ago with another girl and wasn’t very satisfied.  I decided it was worth the extra expense to get better care, but I was still nervous about being able to pay for glasses there.  After a five hour wait, we finally were seen.  Kimberly has astigmatism in both eyes badly enough that I was definitely not leaving with out glasses for her.  As we were leaving the examination room, the doctor handed me the prescription and a note that read “50%” to take to the front desk.   We were given a fifty percent discount not only on the consultation for both of the girls, but on their frames as well.

I was also contacted from a couple in the states because they wanted to donate towards my getting a personal vehicle.  I had been praying about that for awhile, and was blessed to see the Lord answering.  I am still praying that He would bring the right vehicle to us, and whether I should drive here or not.  It can be more dangerous because the laws are not followed as they are in the states, but it would be more convenient if I could drive myself.  I don’t usually think so much about convenience, but there are so few young men right now.  They not only drive, but they do all the plumbing and maintenance and care of the milk cows.  Please pray with me for wisdom in this area and that the Lord will send us the perfect car to meet our specific needs.

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These last few months have been overflowing with trials and problems.  The electricity issue, health problems, and bad attitudes just to name a few.

The electric issue is still up in the air.  We still don’t have a meter and have not been told when to expect it.  I have not heard recently what the fees are supposed to be for back bills.

The chicken pox plague is finally over!!! I think.  It was followed by a bout of pneumonia with a couple of the little ones, but praise the Lord, they have recovered.P1080539(One o’clock in the morning.) The masks only worked if they were sitting up.

The bad attitudes last month were by far the worst I have seen in the year that I have had pre-teens living with us.  It was very discouraging and frustrating to deal with, and was almost enough to make a person lose their mind, but I am so glad to see how God used that time to stir up their stagnant hearts.  Some that had professed to have Christ admitted to being lost and the Holy Spirit was finally able to work in their hearts.  I know of at least three from our house who have made professions of faith recently.  I believe the older boys also saw souls saved this month.  As Romans says:”All things work together for good to them that love God…”P1080571

We hadn’t taken a group photo in almost a year, so here we are up to date.  My helper, Yacky is taking the picture.  My other helper got reassigned to the older teen girls.

P1080591We had some girls from another dorm move in with us this year, and Maria in the top right is a new helper in training.  For updated information on my kids, please visit “The Kids” page on this blog.

Please pray for our pastor, Ronnie Doss, as he is in the states because of some health issues.

Happy belated Mother’s day to all the mothers, and happy early Father’s day to the fathers.  Don’t take your God given position lightly, and remember that you are just as human as these kids’ parents.  The only thing separating your kids from these kids is God’s grace.

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Chicken Pox Part Two

The plague has spread, but we see light at the end of the tunnel.  The kids that have chicken pox are almost better, so unless we have new cases, we should be done by next week.

I like to have the sick kids sleep in my room, and as there was more than one at a time sick, the recliner that was sent on the container has been a great blessing.

This week has been full of clothing.  Literally.  I have been going through every piece of clothing that was in storage in our house.  I put things away that are too big for everyone and then can’t find it when they out grow their old clothes.  I still haven’t finished, but we are making great progress. P1080451

I wonder how many kids Eve had to wash, fold, and put away clothes for and if she ever thought: “why did I eat that fruit?!  The serpent didn’t mention any of this.”  Why is heaven perfect?  Because there is no laundry.

The girls have been a huge help with the clothes, for which I am very grateful.

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Chicken Pox

There is sickness in the camp.  At least four of the youngest kids have been diagnosed by the doctor (me) with chicken pox.  I think most of the other kids had it a couple of years ago, so I don’t expect it to spread much further.  The little ones are taking it pretty well.  Some fever and obviously not comfortable, but the one that has it the worst doesn’t complain at all.  The little girl who only has four or five spots is constantly showing them to me and telling me she has the most.

I wish all my kids’ problems were as obvious as chicken pox.  Most are not, and I have been shocked on more than one occasion about things I hear about the kids.  They often fly under the radar, which makes it easier for the problem to fester and grow.  Only when we go through fiery trials will those things come to the surface to be dealt with.

One of the little girls accidently drank bleach yesterday.  That gave us a bit of a scare.  She is fine now, praise the Lord.  I guess little kids don’t smell things to see what they are.  They just start guzzling.  Maybe she will try to develop a better sense of smell.

We were able to purchase a couple of plastic cupboards for storage, and we are currently sorting through mounds of clothing that I stored till it fit someone.  The thing is …we waited to long!  The kids grow faster than I can keep up with.

Please pray for my older girls.  They are going through the stage when they think the grass is greener on the other side when the truth is they just need Christ.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  You are all such a blessing to me.

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And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

This is one of my favorite verses in regard to the crucifixion story.  Jesus prepared himself before his suffering.  When he asked help from his Father, he received it.                 If our Lord needed strength from heaven, what makes us think we can triumph in the flesh.

We are keeping busy with school and doctors appointments.  Arelsy and I head back to Tegus for another appointment next week.  Please pray for travel safety.

This week is Easter week again.  The time we remember what Jesus did for us, and praise Him for it.  As always, there will be a three day conference with several of the sister churches visiting.  There may be between five and eight hundred people with us this week, hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many have heard it time after time.  They need their hearts to be broken and prepared even as the sower would break and prepare the earth to receive the seed.

The children and I are praying that the Lord would speak to us all in a special way this week.  Whatever our needs may be, He has something that He wants us to learn…something that He wants us to do.

I have had some kids return to their families recently, and would ask that you pray for them in a special way.  Some are very small and do not yet understand the truth of the gospel.  I have been told that they are attending a church that Brother Ronnie started in their town, so that is a big blessing.

Our baby (wearing green in the picture) just celebrated his second birthday.  Sometimes I wonder where they will be in twenty years from now.  They definitely won’t still be here with me taking care of them the way they are now.  Will they be prepared for whatever God has in store for them?  The task seems impossible, but we can only trust that if God has us here, then He will use us to mold them into what He wants them to be.

Have a blessed Crucifixion and Resurrection week.









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Electricity update

Well, so far we still have electricity, but we had to give up our dryer last week.  Brother Ronnie told me that the company is going to send someone out to see what appliances we have.  Depending on what they see they will come up with the electric bill for the last fourteen years.  So, at least for now, our dryer is in storage.  The weather is lovely right now so we haven’t had trouble with the clothes drying on the line.  We didn’t used to have a dryer, so it just feels like old times.  Please continue to pray for the situation to be resolved soon and in our favor, but whatever the Lord allows, we want to have a good testimony with the company.

So far so good as far as school goes.  I had four girls from another dorm room move in with us last week, which kind of shook things up a bit, but sometimes we need a good shaking up to keep us on our toes.  They are all four girls that I had cared for in the past, so it’s good to have them with me again.

I ask special prayer for the teen girls, as they are going through a tough time right now.  A couple of them wanted to leave today, but they changed their minds, praise the Lord!  because  Honduras is rampant with gangs, drugs, prostitution, murders,  fornication, abuse, child pregnancies, and more.

Please pray also for the salvation of several of my girls.  They want to behave and do a good job and please me, but without the Holy Spirit to guide them they will always fail.

Brother Ronnie’s wife, Miss Joann, arrived back with us today after a few weeks of visiting family in the states.  She was greatly missed by all, and it is such a blessing to have her back with us.

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