The Lord is faithful

P1080665These last few months have been a blessed reminder that the Lord is and always has been very faithful to us here in Honduras.

We were finally able to get Kimberly to the eye doctor this week to get her vision checked.  I really had no idea how much glasses cost here in Honduras, but I knew I was taking her and one of the teen girls to a more pricey doctor.  I had used a cheaper doctor a few years ago with another girl and wasn’t very satisfied.  I decided it was worth the extra expense to get better care, but I was still nervous about being able to pay for glasses there.  After a five hour wait, we finally were seen.  Kimberly has astigmatism in both eyes badly enough that I was definitely not leaving with out glasses for her.  As we were leaving the examination room, the doctor handed me the prescription and a note that read “50%” to take to the front desk.   We were given a fifty percent discount not only on the consultation for both of the girls, but on their frames as well.

I was also contacted from a couple in the states because they wanted to donate towards my getting a personal vehicle.  I had been praying about that for awhile, and was blessed to see the Lord answering.  I am still praying that He would bring the right vehicle to us, and whether I should drive here or not.  It can be more dangerous because the laws are not followed as they are in the states, but it would be more convenient if I could drive myself.  I don’t usually think so much about convenience, but there are so few young men right now.  They not only drive, but they do all the plumbing and maintenance and care of the milk cows.  Please pray with me for wisdom in this area and that the Lord will send us the perfect car to meet our specific needs.

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These last few months have been overflowing with trials and problems.  The electricity issue, health problems, and bad attitudes just to name a few.

The electric issue is still up in the air.  We still don’t have a meter and have not been told when to expect it.  I have not heard recently what the fees are supposed to be for back bills.

The chicken pox plague is finally over!!! I think.  It was followed by a bout of pneumonia with a couple of the little ones, but praise the Lord, they have recovered.P1080539(One o’clock in the morning.) The masks only worked if they were sitting up.

The bad attitudes last month were by far the worst I have seen in the year that I have had pre-teens living with us.  It was very discouraging and frustrating to deal with, and was almost enough to make a person lose their mind, but I am so glad to see how God used that time to stir up their stagnant hearts.  Some that had professed to have Christ admitted to being lost and the Holy Spirit was finally able to work in their hearts.  I know of at least three from our house who have made professions of faith recently.  I believe the older boys also saw souls saved this month.  As Romans says:”All things work together for good to them that love God…”P1080571

We hadn’t taken a group photo in almost a year, so here we are up to date.  My helper, Yacky is taking the picture.  My other helper got reassigned to the older teen girls.

P1080591We had some girls from another dorm move in with us this year, and Maria in the top right is a new helper in training.  For updated information on my kids, please visit “The Kids” page on this blog.

Please pray for our pastor, Ronnie Doss, as he is in the states because of some health issues.

Happy belated Mother’s day to all the mothers, and happy early Father’s day to the fathers.  Don’t take your God given position lightly, and remember that you are just as human as these kids’ parents.  The only thing separating your kids from these kids is God’s grace.

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Chicken Pox Part Two

The plague has spread, but we see light at the end of the tunnel.  The kids that have chicken pox are almost better, so unless we have new cases, we should be done by next week.

I like to have the sick kids sleep in my room, and as there was more than one at a time sick, the recliner that was sent on the container has been a great blessing.

This week has been full of clothing.  Literally.  I have been going through every piece of clothing that was in storage in our house.  I put things away that are too big for everyone and then can’t find it when they out grow their old clothes.  I still haven’t finished, but we are making great progress. P1080451

I wonder how many kids Eve had to wash, fold, and put away clothes for and if she ever thought: “why did I eat that fruit?!  The serpent didn’t mention any of this.”  Why is heaven perfect?  Because there is no laundry.

The girls have been a huge help with the clothes, for which I am very grateful.

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Chicken Pox

There is sickness in the camp.  At least four of the youngest kids have been diagnosed by the doctor (me) with chicken pox.  I think most of the other kids had it a couple of years ago, so I don’t expect it to spread much further.  The little ones are taking it pretty well.  Some fever and obviously not comfortable, but the one that has it the worst doesn’t complain at all.  The little girl who only has four or five spots is constantly showing them to me and telling me she has the most.

I wish all my kids’ problems were as obvious as chicken pox.  Most are not, and I have been shocked on more than one occasion about things I hear about the kids.  They often fly under the radar, which makes it easier for the problem to fester and grow.  Only when we go through fiery trials will those things come to the surface to be dealt with.

One of the little girls accidently drank bleach yesterday.  That gave us a bit of a scare.  She is fine now, praise the Lord.  I guess little kids don’t smell things to see what they are.  They just start guzzling.  Maybe she will try to develop a better sense of smell.

We were able to purchase a couple of plastic cupboards for storage, and we are currently sorting through mounds of clothing that I stored till it fit someone.  The thing is …we waited to long!  The kids grow faster than I can keep up with.

Please pray for my older girls.  They are going through the stage when they think the grass is greener on the other side when the truth is they just need Christ.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  You are all such a blessing to me.

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And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

This is one of my favorite verses in regard to the crucifixion story.  Jesus prepared himself before his suffering.  When he asked help from his Father, he received it.                 If our Lord needed strength from heaven, what makes us think we can triumph in the flesh.

We are keeping busy with school and doctors appointments.  Arelsy and I head back to Tegus for another appointment next week.  Please pray for travel safety.

This week is Easter week again.  The time we remember what Jesus did for us, and praise Him for it.  As always, there will be a three day conference with several of the sister churches visiting.  There may be between five and eight hundred people with us this week, hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many have heard it time after time.  They need their hearts to be broken and prepared even as the sower would break and prepare the earth to receive the seed.

The children and I are praying that the Lord would speak to us all in a special way this week.  Whatever our needs may be, He has something that He wants us to learn…something that He wants us to do.

I have had some kids return to their families recently, and would ask that you pray for them in a special way.  Some are very small and do not yet understand the truth of the gospel.  I have been told that they are attending a church that Brother Ronnie started in their town, so that is a big blessing.

Our baby (wearing green in the picture) just celebrated his second birthday.  Sometimes I wonder where they will be in twenty years from now.  They definitely won’t still be here with me taking care of them the way they are now.  Will they be prepared for whatever God has in store for them?  The task seems impossible, but we can only trust that if God has us here, then He will use us to mold them into what He wants them to be.

Have a blessed Crucifixion and Resurrection week.









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Electricity update

Well, so far we still have electricity, but we had to give up our dryer last week.  Brother Ronnie told me that the company is going to send someone out to see what appliances we have.  Depending on what they see they will come up with the electric bill for the last fourteen years.  So, at least for now, our dryer is in storage.  The weather is lovely right now so we haven’t had trouble with the clothes drying on the line.  We didn’t used to have a dryer, so it just feels like old times.  Please continue to pray for the situation to be resolved soon and in our favor, but whatever the Lord allows, we want to have a good testimony with the company.

So far so good as far as school goes.  I had four girls from another dorm room move in with us last week, which kind of shook things up a bit, but sometimes we need a good shaking up to keep us on our toes.  They are all four girls that I had cared for in the past, so it’s good to have them with me again.

I ask special prayer for the teen girls, as they are going through a tough time right now.  A couple of them wanted to leave today, but they changed their minds, praise the Lord!  because  Honduras is rampant with gangs, drugs, prostitution, murders,  fornication, abuse, child pregnancies, and more.

Please pray also for the salvation of several of my girls.  They want to behave and do a good job and please me, but without the Holy Spirit to guide them they will always fail.

Brother Ronnie’s wife, Miss Joann, arrived back with us today after a few weeks of visiting family in the states.  She was greatly missed by all, and it is such a blessing to have her back with us.

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Back to School Special

The 2018 school year is officially underway.  The kids are back from their first day.  Several of the kids have some sort of throat infection.  What a way to kick off the new year.

Edwin made sure that I didn’t get to much sleep by keeping me up till about 3:30 last night.  I think he miss understood and thought that instead of getting up early, we were just not going to go to bed at all.  Just kidding.  He was sick last night with a fever.

To get everyone one ready for classes we had to get up at 5:00.  They all did their jobs quickly and we had plenty of time.

The electric company is supposed to let us know tomorrow what they decided to do about our lack of a meter.


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Welcome, 2018

Wow, is it really almost February?

2017 was definitely one of the most crazy years of my life, in part due to the addition of these eight girls to our home.  Ester, Reyna, Dinora, Celia, Angie, Lilian, and Yareli(kneeling) have become a huge part of my life.  We have had our spats and they have had their attitudes, but they have found a place in my heart.  Their daily help in the house and with the kids is indispensable.  Being eleven to thirteen years old has it’s own challenges, but these girls have more than that against them.  Some have never had a visit in more than five years.

Angie moved up with the teen girls last week.  Even though I do see her at church, I still miss having her here.  In 2017 I only took on two new kids, Yareli(11) and her little brother, Douglas(1).  My new helper, Suyapa, also has a little boy, which makes it ten boys, and thirteen girls.  We might be getting another eleven-year-old girl this week.  That would bring us to twenty-four in all.

It is almost impossible to give each child the individual attention they need.  This can cause them to be more emotional and rebellious, especially the older girls, which in turn makes me more stressed and short tempered.  They need more people that can spend time with them individually on a regular basis.

This year also took me to Tegucigalpa, the capital, with Arelsy, who had burned herself pretty badly playing with matches.  We were there in the burn unit at the hospital for a month.  After we were discharged, we had appointments for another two weeks.  After that we had to wait a few more days for the rioting over the election calmed down.  It was just a couple of days before Christmas that we made it home.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was looking for someone to watch the kids so I could go to the graduation.  Well, I did finally find someone, but I still didn’t get to go to  because we were still at the hospital.

My helper, Jacky(16), was finally able to take a few weeks off after I got back from the hospital.  She has been helping me for the past two years with only a few evenings off a week.

We are waiting for the arrival of the couple that will be helping out with the older boys, and school should start in a couple of weeks.  Other than that, we are just hanging on for the ride of whatever God brings our way in 2018, praying that we will be faithful in our service to him.

Please pray for us this year, especially that God would provide us with the servants that He has been preparing.

Thank you for your prayers and support through the years.


We took the kids to visit Hermana Lola, an elderly lady in the village.

Top-left, Me with Douglas, top-right me with the older girls, middle-right Gledis with Yareli, bottom all of the kids before Douglas and Yareli

The left is the Christmas photo, and the right is my Sunday school class.


Arelsy and Miguel

Arelsy is doing great.  Here she is with her brother, Miguel, on his birthday.





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R & R

I’m at my parents home in Pennsylvania right now. The stress of the job has really taken it’s toll these last few months, and Brother Ronnie Doss has been very gracious to let me have six weeks to rest.
I am up to 24 kids right now. That includes: my sixteen-year-old helper, eight girls ages ten to thirteen, six girls ages three to seven, one fourteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, four mentally challenged boys ages ten and twelve with one to four-year-old mentalities, one seven-year-old boy with CP, two little five and six-year-old boys, and a one-year-old baby boy. They keep me busy. It’s almost exhausting just to write them all down.
I am praying earnestly for God to burden more godly Christians with strong personal standards to come and minister with us. There is such a great need. We have over eighty children who live full time at the home,with more who come for school or with their mothers. Every day there are almost a hundred kids on the property.
There are twenty adults who live full time on the property and another ten who come to help. You might think that’s a lot, but you have to consider that a handful of them are only eighteen, and others don’t come everyday. That also includes three teachers and some wives who care for their families that live on the property.
Please pray with me for this great need.
The remodeling of our house is pretty much complete. We were able to move back in late December. There is still painting and electric and plumbing work left, but it’s at a standstill now that it’s livable. We are no longer priority in the guys busy schedule. I thank the Lord that they have gotten so much done for us.
The next big thing on the calendar is graduation in November. I need someone to stay with the little ones so I can go see the others graduate, but this year it seems like everyone is either graduating themselves or has someone they want to see graduate. I trust that the Lord will provide someone who isn’t dyeing to go.
Sorry it get’s long, but I go for so long without getting a chance to write, so when I do there is a lot to talk about.
Thank you all for reading.


Edwin…not so thrilled

The new swing. Gledis was thrilled

happy birthday!!

The girls playing in the yard after rain

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Easter week

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.  IICor. 9:15

This Easter week we have “vacation”.  That basically means that the kids don’t go to school.  Which means that they are home, which means that it’s not a real vacation for us, but we will enjoy spending extra time with them.

We will be having a conference at the church all this week.  Several of our sister churches will come throughout the week to share this time with us.  There is a lot to do as the ladies that work at the home will be serving lunch to around six hundred people Thursday.

Please pray that souls would be saved this week as we hear the Word.  There are three in particular that I have been prayer for.

My seven older girls have been improving a lot these days, but they can still use your prayers as they continue to learn, grow, and mature into godly young ladies.

We have a couple visiting us from the states who are on their way to being missionaries to the children of Mexico.  They are here to see a working home and gain experience in the ministry.  They will be with us for three months.  Pray that we can be a blessing to them.

Thank you for all of your support.  I will try to update soon.  God bless you all.

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