Back to School Special

The 2018 school year is officially underway.  The kids are back from their first day.  Several of the kids have some sort of throat infection.  What a way to kick off the new year.

Edwin made sure that I didn’t get to much sleep by keeping me up till about 3:30 last night.  I think he miss understood and thought that instead of getting up early, we were just not going to go to bed at all.  Just kidding.  He was sick last night with a fever.

To get everyone one ready for classes we had to get up at 5:00.  They all did their jobs quickly and we had plenty of time.

The electric company is supposed to let us know tomorrow what they decided to do about our lack of a meter.


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Welcome, 2018

Wow, is it really almost February?

2017 was definitely one of the most crazy years of my life, in part due to the addition of these eight girls to our home.  Ester, Reyna, Dinora, Celia, Angie, Lilian, and Yareli(kneeling) have become a huge part of my life.  We have had our spats and they have had their attitudes, but they have found a place in my heart.  Their daily help in the house and with the kids is indispensable.  Being eleven to thirteen years old has it’s own challenges, but these girls have more than that against them.  Some have never had a visit in more than five years.

Angie moved up with the teen girls last week.  Even though I do see her at church, I still miss having her here.  In 2017 I only took on two new kids, Yareli(11) and her little brother, Douglas(1).  My new helper, Suyapa, also has a little boy, which makes it ten boys, and thirteen girls.  We might be getting another eleven-year-old girl this week.  That would bring us to twenty-four in all.

It is almost impossible to give each child the individual attention they need.  This can cause them to be more emotional and rebellious, especially the older girls, which in turn makes me more stressed and short tempered.  They need more people that can spend time with them individually on a regular basis.

This year also took me to Tegucigalpa, the capital, with Arelsy, who had burned herself pretty badly playing with matches.  We were there in the burn unit at the hospital for a month.  After we were discharged, we had appointments for another two weeks.  After that we had to wait a few more days for the rioting over the election calmed down.  It was just a couple of days before Christmas that we made it home.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was looking for someone to watch the kids so I could go to the graduation.  Well, I did finally find someone, but I still didn’t get to go to  because we were still at the hospital.

My helper, Jacky(16), was finally able to take a few weeks off after I got back from the hospital.  She has been helping me for the past two years with only a few evenings off a week.

We are waiting for the arrival of the couple that will be helping out with the older boys, and school should start in a couple of weeks.  Other than that, we are just hanging on for the ride of whatever God brings our way in 2018, praying that we will be faithful in our service to him.

Please pray for us this year, especially that God would provide us with the servants that He has been preparing.

Thank you for your prayers and support through the years.


We took the kids to visit Hermana Lola, an elderly lady in the village.

Top-left, Me with Douglas, top-right me with the older girls, middle-right Gledis with Yareli, bottom all of the kids before Douglas and Yareli

The left is the Christmas photo, and the right is my Sunday school class.


Arelsy and Miguel

Arelsy is doing great.  Here she is with her brother, Miguel, on his birthday.





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R & R

I’m at my parents home in Pennsylvania right now. The stress of the job has really taken it’s toll these last few months, and Brother Ronnie Doss has been very gracious to let me have six weeks to rest.
I am up to 24 kids right now. That includes: my sixteen-year-old helper, eight girls ages ten to thirteen, six girls ages three to seven, one fourteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, four mentally challenged boys ages ten and twelve with one to four-year-old mentalities, one seven-year-old boy with CP, two little five and six-year-old boys, and a one-year-old baby boy. They keep me busy. It’s almost exhausting just to write them all down.
I am praying earnestly for God to burden more godly Christians with strong personal standards to come and minister with us. There is such a great need. We have over eighty children who live full time at the home,with more who come for school or with their mothers. Every day there are almost a hundred kids on the property.
There are twenty adults who live full time on the property and another ten who come to help. You might think that’s a lot, but you have to consider that a handful of them are only eighteen, and others don’t come everyday. That also includes three teachers and some wives who care for their families that live on the property.
Please pray with me for this great need.
The remodeling of our house is pretty much complete. We were able to move back in late December. There is still painting and electric and plumbing work left, but it’s at a standstill now that it’s livable. We are no longer priority in the guys busy schedule. I thank the Lord that they have gotten so much done for us.
The next big thing on the calendar is graduation in November. I need someone to stay with the little ones so I can go see the others graduate, but this year it seems like everyone is either graduating themselves or has someone they want to see graduate. I trust that the Lord will provide someone who isn’t dyeing to go.
Sorry it get’s long, but I go for so long without getting a chance to write, so when I do there is a lot to talk about.
Thank you all for reading.


Edwin…not so thrilled

The new swing. Gledis was thrilled

happy birthday!!

The girls playing in the yard after rain

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Easter week

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.  IICor. 9:15

This Easter week we have “vacation”.  That basically means that the kids don’t go to school.  Which means that they are home, which means that it’s not a real vacation for us, but we will enjoy spending extra time with them.

We will be having a conference at the church all this week.  Several of our sister churches will come throughout the week to share this time with us.  There is a lot to do as the ladies that work at the home will be serving lunch to around six hundred people Thursday.

Please pray that souls would be saved this week as we hear the Word.  There are three in particular that I have been prayer for.

My seven older girls have been improving a lot these days, but they can still use your prayers as they continue to learn, grow, and mature into godly young ladies.

We have a couple visiting us from the states who are on their way to being missionaries to the children of Mexico.  They are here to see a working home and gain experience in the ministry.  They will be with us for three months.  Pray that we can be a blessing to them.

Thank you for all of your support.  I will try to update soon.  God bless you all.

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Stretch for you Tents

So many changes have been discussed these past few months, but things turned out completely different than any of our plans.

We had seven girls ages 10 to 12 years old moved back from the teen girls.  I also have a new helper and her three year old son, so we are up to 25 people in our house.

The older girls are still struggling some with attitudes, but they are starting to calm down some.


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Happy New Year

2016 was a very interesting year, although I’m pretty sure it was only half as long as 2015.  Either time is speeding up or I am slowing down.  Either way, the point is that not everything that should get done gets done. Like updating this blog.  I had tried to update a few times over the past ten months, but between problems with my computer and the internet, I was unable to do so.

I now have sixteen children (eight boys and eight girls), one fifteen-year-old helper(Jacky), and one lady from church who comes three times a week (Denia) and her four-year-old son (Rohel).  We had some kids and helpers come and go, but the Lord has been good to us.

This was by far the most unusual Christmas we have experienced,   mainly due to the remodeling of our house, which started about four weeks before Christmas.  We had to move out for the demolition process, which took three weeks, and moved back less than a week before Christmas.  The Jarvis family was gracious enough to allow us to stay in their house during those three weeks.  The changes to our house have opened up most of the smallest girls rooms into two large bedrooms and a family room for the girls.

The idea is to separate the boys and girls by moving the little girls to the other side of the hallway.  They can still play, eat, study, and have devotions together, but have better privacy at the same time.  Please pray for wisdom in carrying out these changes.

We all took turns being sick this holiday season.  It wasn’t anything serious, just coughs and fevers and such, but it all adds up when there are ten people sick at once (myself included).

The Lord gave me opportunity to spend this New Year’s with my family in the states.  I arrived on December 27th as a total surprise to my parents.  Yes, they were excited.

I will be heading back January 30th to the 16 children that God has given me.  Gledis(13), Edwin(12), Jose Manuel(9), Juan(9), Gerson(9), Kristhian(7), David Juarez(5), David Martinez(4), Celia(11), Reyna(10), Keyla(7), Wendy(6), Arelsy(6), Kimberly(5), Karen(4), and Amanda(3), and

From us all at Hogar de Amor Children’s Home, thank you all for your prayers and support this year.  May the Lord bless you as you serve Him in 2017.

Love in Christ,

Christa Miller







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So send I you


New paint job thanks to MT. Zion Baptist Church, PA


First day of school


Little kids


Going to the park!




At the park

In this Resurrection Sunday, let us remember that one of the first things that the resurrected Savior said to his disciples was, “as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”(John 20:21)

So much has been happening since my last post.  The Jarvis and Birkholz families have both arrived. I would say that they are getting settled in except that the Jarvis’ had to leave a few weeks ago and the Birkholz will possibly be heading out also.  The reason?  Paperwork.  Please pray for this area of the ministry as it has been severely neglected for the past few years.

Karina, one of the Honduran workers, and I have been put in charge of this headache inducing work.  We already run our mental capacity to the max, so this is kind of scary.

School is up and running, aside from this weeks Easter vacation.  We had revival services Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with service in the morning and afternoons.

We had a very difficult situation with a few new kids that social services brought last month.  There were four kids, two with special needs.  Juan(8) came to live with us, and Heidy(8) went next door with Nohemi.

Heidy had just gotten out of the hospital the day that they brought her.  We were assured that if she took her meds she would be fine.

Three days later she couldn’t wake up enough to eat.  We took her into the doctor that saw her hat the hospital and we found out the I had doubled the dose of two of her four medications.  Three of them were for schizophrenia.  After staying one night with her at the hospital I realized why she was on them.

We all decided that our home was not a safe place for her due to her illness, and she was placed in social service’s care again.  Please pray for this little girl who has had it so hard.

I had a helper leave a few months ago which had left us very short-handed until a lady from church that used to work with me told me that she could start working again.  She is one of the easiest people to work with and is such a blessing.

Here are a few prayer reminders:

The church’s paperwork

Jarvis and Birkholz paperwork

Heidy-Lord, keep her safe and put her in hands that serve you

Wisdom for leadership


My head!!!

Karina’s head!!!

P.S.  Happy New Year!!!


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Christmas Greetings

Dear Friends and Family,

Praise the Lord, the container made it before Christmas.  The Lord always does things in His time.

Gledis´ walker came on the container.  He was thrilled with it.  We have used it very much yet.  After Christmas I hope to set up a time each day to work with him.  Thank you so much to the Adams from Slippery Rock Baptist Church who donated this piece of equipment.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Brother Graham Hutson and all those who put so much work into the containers.  I know God would provide for us in another way, but He has used them so much in our lives.  The couch was a very special blessing.

Thank you all again and may God bless you.

I thank the Lord for every child in my care.  We have 18 at the moment, but I will soon be sending my four oldest girls to the next house.

There isn´t much going on other than getting ready for Christmas for the kids.

Please pray for wisdom and health for the leaders.  We have been receiving visits from the new social service department with complaints that have been raised.  So far they have been very kind, but they want to see some changes.

I don´t have much time, so that´s all for now.

Merry Christmas!

Love in Christ,

Christa Miller

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Merry Christmas from Honduras


Celia and EdwinP1050529

Gledis with his new glassesP1050539

Yohany and Henry.  They were only with us for three days, but we still love them.P1050566


Dear Friends and Family,

The Lord has been working a lot in the home and we are going through lots of changes.

The Jarvis family arrived safely and are getting their house ready to move in.  They are taking Spanish classes from one of the girls at the home.

We are still waiting for the container from the States to arrive.  Brother Ronnie is having to pay $100 per day that it sits in customs so please pray with us that it will get released soon.

A young mother had brought her two small children to me last week, but she came back for them Wednesday.  She said the dad had threatened to come and steal them from us.  It is always hard to see kids go, but there isn´t really any better place for them than with their mother.

I am getting ready to send four of my girls after Christmas to be with the older girls.  Please pray for Reyna, Ana, Celia, and Selena.  It is usually harder for me than it is for them, but any change in a child´s life can be traumatic.

It is also cough and cold season, which very easily turns into hospital visits with the small kids.

Gledis, who has cerebral palsy, got glasses last week.  He has only used them a couple of times because if we don´t watch him he´ll take them off and give them to other kids.  Hopefully they will help him in school to be able to learn better.

I have a new little boy named Gerson.  He is eight years old and has frequent seizures.  He isn´t at his age level mentally, and is quiet a hand full.  I pray that we can make a difference in his life.

We have been told that all three of the elementary school teachers will not be returning next year.  Please pray that the Lord will send His choice for teachers.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Hogar de Amor.

Love in Christ,

Christa, Gledis, Edwin, Manuel, Gerson, Darlin, David, Miguel, Reyna, Ana, Celia, Selena, Kensy, Cheri, Nayely, Wendy, Arelsy, Kimberly, Amanda


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On the front lines

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Well, here I am again in Copan, Honduras.

Brother Ronnie had me take the age kids I had before (one to seven year olds), and put my former assistant, Nohemi, in charge of the girls age seven to twelve.  We live in the same building, but it seems we hardly ever see each other.

I have two helpers, Olga and Karen.  They were helping Nohemi before I got here.  I can’t imagine doing a job your own way for over a year only to have some stranger come in and take over.  So please pray for us as we get used to each other.

There have been some issues with the container that is ready to be shipped.  There were several old vehicles that have not been used for years, but were never unregistered.  Because the registration wasn’t kept up, the ministry now has to pay fines for all the years that they were not registered, and until it’s paid, some of the ministry’s documentation has been suspended.  Those papers are used to get the container out of customs.  So the whole thing is in a big knot, but the Lord is answering prayers as the fine has been cut from $5,000 to around $1,500.

Please pray with us.  The shipment is a necessity to the ministry.  It has the new missionary families’ things, and provides all of our children’s clothing, shoes, hygiene, and school supplies along with a multitude of other things.

A mother took her two little boys home last week, and another mother took her baby girl, but we got another boy that is more work than those three multiplied by three.

Gerson is eight years old and has the mentality of a two year old.  He knows when he is doing something wrong, but he usually goes ahead and does it anyway, although he is improving little by little.  He is a wanderer, too.  We have three doors that lead to the great outdoors and the road.  If there is one open (and there usually is), he finds it and heads down the road.  So far someone has always brought him back, but please pray that we can teach him not to leave.

My boys are:

Gledis-12, Edwin-11, Manuel-8, Gerson-8, Miguel-7, Darlin-6, David-3


Reyna-9, Ana-9, Celia-8, Selena-6, Kensy-6, Nayely-6, Cheri-6, Wendy-5, Kimberly-4, Arelsy-4, Amanda-1

Thank you for praying.

Love in Christ,

Christa Miller

My big girls: Celia, Ana, Reyna

My big girls:
Celia, Ana, Reyna

Most of the gang

Most of the gang

nap time

nap time



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